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Our beauty products are guaranteed to make a difference in your looks, your skin, and the way you feel about yourself. Imagine using beauty products made out of materials that are good for you. Imagine purchasing these beauty products at a price that cannot be beat.

At Bari Beauty and Health Plus, we offer all this and more for our clients. We feature some wonderful soaps to get you started, such as Madina Peppermint Soap and Mango Butter Soap. These soaps are 100 percent natural and are guaranteed to leave your skin feeling more moisturized and looking 10 times better.

We also offer Zion Health toothpaste in our beauty products section that does not contain harmful ingredients such as fluoride. This toothpaste will leave your teeth feeling clean and looking great.

If you want to get the smooth and soft feel that only coconut products can give you, then you may want to try both our Dessert Essence Organic body wash and the Dessert Essence Organic hand and body lotion that we offer at Bari Beauty and Health Plus.

Another great beauty product that is also excellent for overall health is our African Black Soap. Whether you suffer from eczema or would like to get rid of blemishes on your skin, African Black Soap is one of the best beauty products available in the world today.

If you live in Cleveland, OH and want to check out what we have at our health and beauty store, give us a call today! We have lotions, creams, soaps, and so many more beauty products that will make a difference in your skin and looks. Do not wait!