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While we do boast of having an abundance of top quality organic beauty and health products at our store, we also have something else that we are proud of, and that is our wine! With the inspiration and tradition of our wine founder Mini Lee, we continue to provide our customers with delicious wines from our Granny’s Wine collection.

Do you love the smooth flavors of a rose, or is your preference for wine more along the lines of strawberries? Do you adore a good Merlot or a Moscato? Let us not forget how great a Concord wine can taste as well. We are confident that at Bari Beauty and Health Plus, you will walk out of the store with a wine that you will love.

If you are not sure if our wines are up to standard, you will be pleased to know that we have wine tastings at our local shop every Saturday from two to four. There is no doubt in our minds that you will appreciate Granny’s Wine, but we invite you to come and try some for yourself.

As one of the best beauty and health product providers for residents of Cleveland, OH we surprise our customers with our selection of wine. We believe that wine goes perfectly with a gift of soaps and creams for yourself or for someone else.

We also carry organic tea, organic products, vitamins, nutrition products, and so much more at our store. No matter what you are shopping for at Bari Beauty and Health Plus, you can give our wine a try! You will not be disappointed. Stop in next Saturday for a tasting.